Virtual office

Wirtualne biuro Wrocław

Virtual office is perfect solution for start-ups and people just starting their business activity. Our offer is also dedicated to entrepreneurs who don't want their private apartment to be the address of their registered office, because it may be perceived by potential clients as unprofessional and not inspire their trust. Using of a virtual office allows you to significantly reduce the costs of doing business and to register a company using our address.

Additional services, such as receiving and storing correspondence or the possibility of renting a space in coworking space, allow us to meet the needs of our clients to an event greater extent. The offer of a virtual office is also aimed at people who run such activities, which do not require the use of the office on a regular basis and renting it involves additional costs and isn't profitable.

By using our office based in Wrocław, you will be able to register a business or foundation and provide office services.


As part of the provision of virtual office services offered are:  
Service Price
Entry fee PLN 30
Virtual office services (without coworking space) PLN 60 / month
PLN 720 / year
Virtual office services - service in english (without coworking space) PLN 120 / month
PLN 1440 / year
Sending correspondence in the form of a letter package
(weight up to 1000g)
PLN 14
Sending correspondence in the form of a courier shipment
(weight over 1000g)
Fee according to the price
list of the courier company

We only sign fixed-term contracts. The minimum duration of the contract is one year and the maximum is 3 years. During entering into a contract payment is required in advance for the first year of its duration, then monthly payments are possible.
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